East Timor
East Timor
Country:   East Timor
Capital:   Dili
AreaSqKm:   15,007
Population:   1,154,625
Region:   SEA
Continent:   OC
tld:   .tp
CurrencyCode:   USD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   670
Languages:   tet pt-TL id en
neighbours:   ID
Time Zone:   GMT+9
Description:   East Timor (Timor Leste) is the world’s youngest nation . Well worth a visit as its infrastucture has greatly improved and is much easier to visit there. However due to events it would be advisable to check with your local embassy to see what travel restrictions are in place.
Useful Links:   http://www.turismotimorleste.com/ This is the official web site for the Timorese Tourism Board. In English and Portuguese. Nice site , good information and easy to navigate. http://www.timor-leste.gov.tl/aboutportal.htm This is the official web site for the Timorese government. Excellent site with plenty of very helpful information.In English, portuguese and Tetun http://www.mfac.gov.tp/ This is the official website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for East Timor . In all honesty it is not a particularly good site but it does have a list of the Timorese embassies overseas .

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