Country:   Tuvalu
Capital:   Funafuti
AreaSqKm:   26
Population:   10,472
Region:   OCA
Continent:   OC
tld:   .tv
CurrencyCode:   AUD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   688
Languages:   tvl en sm gil
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT +12
Description:   .Tuvalu is a scattered group of nine small atolls in the western Pacific. The main island, Funafuti, is also the capital and lies 1920 kilometres north of Suva, Fiji..Visitors come to the islands to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and palm-fringed beaches. Pandanus, papaya, banana, breadfruit and coconut palms are typical. Most activity is centred in the capital, Funafuti, where the greatest attraction is the enormous Funafuti Lagoon. The lagoon is 14 kilometres wide and about 18 kilometres long. It is a good place for swimming and snorkelling. The second most populated island in the atoll is Funafala, which can be visited by hopping aboard the Funafuti Island Council’s catamaran. There are no shops whatsoever in Funafala, so visitors should take their own provisions. Traditional buildings with thatched roofs can be seen virtually everywhere on the islands.
Useful Links:   www.timelesstuvalu.com www.tuvaluislands.com They are both official web sites for the Tuvalu Tourism Board. They have excellent information ..

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