Country:   Malaysia
Capital:   Kuala Lumpur
AreaSqKm:   329,750
Population:   28,274,729
Region:   SEA
Continent:   AS
tld:   .my
CurrencyCode:   MYR
CurrencyName:   Ringgit
Phone:   60
Languages:   ms-MY en zh ta te ml pa th
neighbours:   BN:TH:ID
Time Zone:   GMT+8
Description:   Malaysia, as its current marketing program would inform you , Truly is Asia. It is made of a melting pot of different nationalities that on the whole live amicably side by side. As such the food is a fusion of the main ethnic minorities of Chinese,Indians and the original Malays. They have excellent infrastructure, beaches and islands to rival those of Bali, Lambok in Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur the capital is a thriving metroplis which if not quite on the same par as Singapore and Hong Kong is rapidly getting to be as good. They currently are home to the world ‘s tallest structure the Petronas Towers. If you would like to visit Asia but enjoy the comforts of home then Malaysia has everything to offer you.
Useful Links: The official web site for the Tourism Department of Malaysia. It is multi lingual and is very informative. One of the best official travel sites that we have come across. This is the official web site for the Immigration Department . Equally good it provides detailed information about all your visa requirements.You can download the visa apllications forms direct from this site.

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