Country:   Laos
Capital:   Vientiane
AreaSqKm:   236,800
Population:   6,368,162
Region:   SEA
Continent:   AS
tld:   .la
CurrencyCode:   LAK
CurrencyName:   Kip
Phone:   856
Languages:   lo fr en
neighbours:   CN:MM:KH:TH:VN
Time Zone:   GMT+7
Description:   Laos is a landlocked country in South East Asia. It shares borders with Vietnam, China, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia. It is rich in natural resources but has yet to exploit its wealth. The main reason why people visit Laos is to go to Luang Prabang. Located on the Mekong River it is home to some very beautiful Buddhist temples.
Useful Links: It is a well written and well presented site and provides a great deal of useful info about Laos. Same as the above website. Nice and informative site. This si the offiical website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Laos. Good and informative site. Lists all Laotian Embassies worldwide as well as foreign embassies in Laos. Good visa information as well.

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