South Korea
South Korea
Country:   South Korea
Capital:   Seoul
AreaSqKm:   98,480
Population:   48,422,644
Continent:   AS
tld:   .kr
CurrencyCode:   KRW
CurrencyName:   Won
Phone:   82
Languages:   ko-KR en
neighbours:   KP
Time Zone:   GMT+9
Description:   South Korea is primarily a mountainous country with glorious albeit a tad cold, beaches. When you think of Asia you normally associate it with beaches and islands and not with skiing but South Korea has some fairly good slopes. Korea is similar in many ways to its neighbours being that it has a cosmopolitan capital city and many cities but the countryside is the same as it has always been.
Useful Links: This is the official website for the Korean Tourism Board. Available in various other languages. Good and informative website. This is the web site for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. good and informative website. Lists all overseas Korean Embassies and Consulates as well as foreign embassies/ consulates in Korea.

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