Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Country:   Hong Kong
Capital:   Hong Kong
AreaSqKm:   1,092
Population:   6,898,686
Region:   EAS
Continent:   AS
tld:   .hk
CurrencyCode:   HKD
CurrencyName:   Dollar
Phone:   852
Languages:   zh-HK yue zh en
neighbours:   :
Time Zone:   GMT+8
Description:   Hong Kong truly epitomises the expression East meets west. With soaring office blocks, hotels sharing the same neighbourhood as traditional temples it is quite an awe inspiring sight. The legendary frenetic pace of life in Hong Kong is still going strong.
Useful Links:   http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/hkvisas_4.htm This is the official site of the Immigration Department with all the info that you need re visas. From this site you can access the main government site which is one of the best government sites that we have found. http://www.discoverhongkong.com/login.html This is the main web site for the Hong Kong Tourist Board. Available in many different languages. Please also look at the region in which you live to see what if any promotions they are doing.Excellent site with very useful links to hotel booking sites and general info.

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