Democratic Republic
Democratic Republic
Country:   Democratic Republic of the Con
Capital:   Kinshasa
AreaSqKm:   2,345,410
Population:   70,916,439
Region:   AFR
Continent:   AF
tld:   .cd
CurrencyCode:   CDF
CurrencyName:   Franc
Phone:   243
Languages:   fr-CD ln kg en-ZZ
neighbours:   TZ:CF:SD:RW:ZM:BI:UG:CG:AO
Time Zone:   GMT +2
Description:   The Democratic Republic of Congo is the third largest country in all of Africa. It is in central Africa. It is an ex Belgian colony. It is a very large country which apart from a small bit of land in and around the capital, Kinshasa on the Atlantic coast is entirely land locked. Due to its vast size it has a great deal of natural resources. It appears to be relatively stable at the moment
Useful Links: This is the best web site that we have found about the D.R.O. C. It has excellent information about all aspects of Congolese life. In French. This is the official website for the permanent mission to the United Nations for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Main advantage of this site is that is in English and French.